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In the past, businesses faced a tough choice: opt for quick but often unreliable machine translations or invest in the accuracy and nuance of human translation services which can get very expensive. However, this compromise has become a thing of the past with the advancement of AI.

Drupal, combined with advanced AI translation services, offers a seamless, high-quality multilingual website solution. Our approach eliminates the need to choose between speed and quality, providing both efficiency and precision.

Translating your website content is now easier than ever

Save thousands compared to human translation services

Leverage AI with Drupal for quick translation turnarounds

Fix stale translations quickly when updates are made

Configurable workflows and approval processes to suit you

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Why Choose Drupal for Multilingual Websites?

Flexibility & Power

Drupal is renowned for its flexibility and scalability, making it ideal for managing complex multilingual sites. With Drupal, you can tailor every aspect of your website to suit diverse linguistic needs without compromising on functionality or design.

Integrated AI

We connect your Drupal website to an AI translation service. This speeds up the translation process and enhances the accuracy of translations over conventional machine translation services. You get content that resonates with your audience, maintaining the subtleties and cultural nuances of each language.

Cost Saving

By leveraging specialised AI translation providers, we offer a cost-effective solution to multilingual website management. This technology reduces the reliance on extensive human intervention, thus lowering translation costs without sacrificing quality.

Easy management

Need to review translations before they go live? Our Drupal solutions include translation workflow dashboards, making it easy to manage updates and maintain consistency across all languages. Whether you’re adding new content or updating existing pages, the process is smooth and hassle-free.

SEO Benefits

Multilingual sites built on Drupal are optimised for global search engines, helping you reach a wider audience. Our approach ensures that each version of your site is not only readable but also ranks well in local search results.

Country + Language

Content translations are just one dimension of local specific content. Sometimes you'll want to segment content by region or country. This is useful in countries where multiple languages are spoken. Pivale have a unique solution for handling this use case. Ask us for more information.

Which AI translation provider should you choose?

Once we've got to know any organisational constraints you may have on the use of AI, we can help you choose an appropriate provider for website content translations.

Each AI translation provider has pros and cons to be aware of, so we can walk you through how to assess and choose the right one.

You may already have an AI platform provided by your company that we can integrate with?

Things to consider and discuss



Number of translations and languages required



Translating PDFs and other documents and files


Security, speed, and reliability

Your custom requirements around security levels, sensitivity of data, speed required etc.


Personalised glossaries

Glossaries of your protected or branded words that should never be translated


Regional requirements

In addition to language such as product availability and service channels

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