Our resource centre makes it easy to grab all of our assets you might need.

Pivale logo printed on textured paper - bottom right are four circles in cyan, magenta, yellow and black  to indicate CMYK files.

Logos (CMYK)

CMYK logo for use in four colour process print.

Pivale logo printed on textured paper - bottom right is the official pantone logo to indicate pantone files.

Logos (Pantone)

Pantone logo for use in single colour pantone ink print.

Pivale logo printed on textured paper - bottom right are three circles in red, green and blue to indicate RGB files.

Logos (RGB)

RGB logo for use on screen and the web.

Pivale brand guidelines document.

Brand Guidelines

Our branding document ensures consistency in the portrayal of our brand in your own projects.

The lexend deca font letters displayed in white on a black background.

Lexend Deca Font (TTF)

Lexend Deca font in .ttf format for use in offline design software. You should use Google's API to import to web projects (see below).

Everything You Need To Know About Responsive Website Design whitepaper.

Responsive Website Design Whitepaper

Is your business missing out on opportunities because your website doesn't work on a mobile phone or tablet? This whitepaper is everything you need to know.


How to import Lexend Deca in to your web environment

HTML Import

To include the font in your HTML add this code inside your head tags:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

CSS Import

If you want to include the font in your CSS use the following but ensure it is the first thing you declare in your CSS file:

@import url('');

Drupal 8

In Drupal 8 themes you can now include external fonts in your libraries.yml by adding the following to bottom of the file:

      // { type: external }


To call the font in your CSS use:

font-family: 'Lexend Deca', sans-serif;

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