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Allow users to access information, manage accounts, and perform various tasks at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection. Portals can streamline your processes and reduce manual efforts, making it faster and easier to complete tasks.

An online portal can contribute to better engagement and satisfaction of your employees, suppliers, and/or customers. At Pivale, we specialise in developing custom Drupal-based online portals and extranets that cater to your organisation's unique needs.

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A bespoke portal allows insurance providers to manage policies, claims, and communications efficiently. Clients can access policy details, submit claims, and track progress, leading to faster resolutions and higher satisfaction.

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Banks & Finance Industry

A tailored portal can provide secure access to financial data, investment portfolios, and wealth management services while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Healthcare providers

A customised online portal can provide secure access to patient records, appointment scheduling, and telehealth services while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

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A tailored portal for schools, colleges, universities, or other education providers can offer personalised learning, easy access to course materials, and efficient communication between students, teachers, and parents.

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Charities & non-profits

A bespoke portal can help manage donations, volunteers, and events more effectively, as well as improve engagement with supporters and beneficiaries.

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Real estate agents & managers

A custom portal can streamline property listings, client communication, and document management, enabling realtors to provide exceptional service to buyers and sellers.

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Law firms & the legal industry

A specialised portal can facilitate secure file sharing, case management, and client collaboration while ensuring confidentiality and compliance with legal regulations.

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Energy & renewables providers

A custom portal lets energy companies offer easy account management, billing history, and energy usage data to customers. Users can submit service requests, make payments, and receive tailored energy-saving tips.

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Manufacturers and fabricators

A custom portal can help manage supply chain operations, inventory, and production schedules, as well as facilitate communication between suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.

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Human resources (HR) departments

A bespoke portal can streamline employee onboarding, benefits administration, and performance management, improving overall efficiency and engagement.

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Memberships & subscriptions

A custom portal can help manage member profiles, event registrations, and dues payments, while fostering community engagement and collaboration.

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Travel & hospitality providers

A specialised portal can offer easy access to booking information, itineraries, and loyalty programs, enhancing customer experience and retention.

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