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Drupal Multisite Be the boss of
your brands

Organise all of your websites, everywhere, all at once

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Bring order to the chaos

If you maintain many websites, you know it can be complicated.

Keeping up with security and compliance tasks takes time and budget away from more valuable activities. Adding microsites compounds the problem.

Drupal Multisite solves all these issues and more through a robust website management platform that lets you take charge of your existing websites and easily roll out new ones for less.

How does Drupal Multisite work?

A central “brain” controls shared resources including configuration, modules, apps, templates, styles, etc.

Resources and development are shared between all websites.

While resources are shared, each website remains unique with its own database for content and users.

Reduce development costs and the risk to your business with Drupal Multisite.

Multisite for fleets of websites

The suite of Virtus Health websites shown on a variety of devices.


with a unified vision that is flexible to local markets.


with a unified vision for multiple brands.


with an ambitious acquisition strategy.


with unique product and service ecosystems.


with competition and campaign microsite requirements.


with multiple websites, teams, locations or languages.

Your unique Drupal Multisite

Technology should mould to your specific business requirements, not the other way around. Meet the demands of your fleet of websites with Pivale's Drupal Multisite solution.

Think of it as your own website factory that allows you to quickly make global changes and roll out new websites.

A visual breakdown of the shared component library for the Virtus Health websites.

Truly bespoke

Your Drupal Multisite system is developed to meet your specific needs.


Integrate with your ERPs, PIMs, DAMs, lead generation tools, etc.

Future proof

Powered by Drupal, with a simple and cost-effective upgrade path.

Custom design

Custom design library shareable between websites.


Sliding scale of shared vs. unique functionality per site.

Loved by all

Loved by marketers, compliance, finance & IT.

What you get with multisite as standard


Manage your content quickly and easily.


Experiences that convert visitors to customers.


Technical optimisation for search engines.


WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility compliance.


Media library & automatic image optimisation.


Seamless workflows and backend systems integrations.


Built to evolve and scale. Growth is part of the plan.

End to end testing

Ensuring your website works for everyone, everywhere.

Ask us anything

You might not be ready to get started just yet but still have a question. Ask away.

Drupal Multisite gives you economies of scale. The more websites you add, the higher your return on investment.



It has been a fantastic experience working with Pivale on multiple website developments. Their exceptional communication, professionalism, and creativity made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. They collaborated with everyone involved in the global project which resulted in outstanding outcomes that exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking top-notch website services, and look forward to working with them again.

John Kerr, Marketing Director at Reliance Worldwide Corporation.
— John Kerr, Marketing Director, Reliance Worldwide Corporation
A suite of websites for RWC shown on several different devices.
Featured case study

Connecting a family of brands with RWC with Drupal Multisite

As standard
always and forever

Owned by you

No license fees. Your keys, your kingdom.

Commercial grade

Robust and professional software development.

Not outsourced

🇬🇧 Based in the UK with clients worldwide.


More speed, less bounce. Boost conversions.


Peace of mind. Safe, legal, and compliant.


WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility compliance.

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