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Clothing stores

Fashion, boutiques, luxury, and vintage


Unique, distinct, curated, and personal


Food, beverage, fashion, and household

Hardware shops

Tools, plumbing & electrical, security, and DIY


Fine, casual, fast, and specialty

Garden centres

Plants, gardening, tools, furniture, lighting, and cooking.


Since the launch of the new website we have seen a dramatic increase in traffic particularly from smartphones and a significant reduction in the bounce rate. Customer feedback to date has been very complementary. We have been more than delighted with the solution that Pivale has developed for Traffi.

Franz Lorenschitz - Marketing Manager at Traffi.
— Franz Lorenschitz, Marketing Manager, Traffi

Website & software considerations for the retail industry

By focusing on these key areas, you can develop a robust and reliable website or software tailored to the unique requirements of the retail industry.


Ecommerce & UX

Prioritise user experience, easy navigation, secure payments, and a visually appealing, mobile-responsive interface. Features like product recommendations and multiple payment options boost customer satisfaction and sales.



Seamlessly integrate with inventory systems for real-time tracking and synchronisation across channels, streamlining operations and improving profitability and customer satisfaction.


Analytics & Insights

Analytics and reporting allow you to stay ahead of the competition and keep on top of market trends. Ensure you are meeting and exceeding your customers' needs.


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Dirt, diggers and digital transformation with Drainfast

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