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Dirt, diggers and digital transformation

Drainfast case study

Drainfast are a UK based, fast growing, leading provider and manufacturer of drainage supplies with a reputation for rapid delivery and unbeatable service.
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Challenge accepted

Twice thwarted by integration issues with off-the-shelf software, Drainfast turned to Pivale for a more bespoke development approach.

Over nine months, we guided the team through comprehensive discovery and we assembled the right technologies and processes to guarantee success. Drainfast's desire to automate and grow online sales was realised.

The solution included an engaging marketing website with a comprehensive ecommerce platform that seamlessly integrates with their highly customised ERP system.

The outcome was Drainfast acquiring hundreds of new customers, boosting profits, and market share. Our involvement was most definitely less dirt and diggers though, and more digital transformation!

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Marketing, ecommerce & education

Drainfast's new website became more than just an online store. From showcasing unique products to educating customers about innovative drainage solutions, we crafted a multifaceted platform.

We merged branding, e-commerce functionality, and educational content in order to create a central hub for Drainfast's customers, their team, and suppliers.

Drainfast quick order interface shown on a MacBook Pro.

Shared baskets & quick order tools for companies

We unlocked the power of collaborative shopping by developing a unique shared basket system. For their B2B customer base, this allows customers to share shopping baskets as named projects without having to share user accounts.

For customers with a physical product catalogue to hand, they benefit from the quick order feature allowing them to place orders quickly and easily. A reordering feature also helps customer to use a previous order as a starting point for a new orders.

These custom features were developed by Pivale leveraging the flexibility of the Drupal Commerce framework. 


I've worked with Pivale on several occasions over the years, designing and building websites. They are a fantastic Drupal agency, especially when you require complex functionality, integrations or ecommerce solutions. Barry and Darren are consummate professionals with a wealth of technical knowledge and the rest of the team have also maintained the same standard of professionalism in my dealings with them.

Mark Chambers - Marketing Manager at Drainfast.
— Mark Chambers, Marketing Manager, Drainfast
Drainfast product page with stock info shown on a MacBook Pro.

Striking efficiencies

Pivale's digital transformation has completely revitalised Drainfast's operations. By crafting a tailored ecommerce platform that works hand-in-hand with their current ERP system, we've transformed the way Drainfast handles order processing, inventory management, and customer service. This integration means the website benefits from real-time updates on stock levels and order statuses, slashing manual errors and boosting productivity through the roof for Drainfast's sales team!

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Growth & feedback

The new website has been met with positive feedback from both new and returning customers. The enhanced user interface and educational content have made it easier for customers to find and understand Drainfast’s diverse product ranges. As a result, Drainfast has seen a significant increase in online sales and customer engagement. The ability to handle a more transactions without compromising performance has been an essential part of Drainfast's success in acquiring new customers and expanding market share.

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Looking to the future

An ongoing development programme with Pivale has allowed Drainfast to continue the pace of innovation on the new website.

Ongoing SEO and PPC campaigns are exposing Drainfast to a larger audience than ever before.

More interactive features and personalised customer experiences are continually being added as Drainfast adapts to market changes and customer feedback.

Pivale are immensely proud to have partnered with Drainfast and look forward to watching Drainfast's success continue to grow long in to the future.

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