Digital transformation consulting workshop Pivot & Scale

Lay the groundwork for your successful digital transformation

A pivot & scale workshop taking place in a modern office.

Pivot & Scale™ workshop

Was: £3,120 
Now: £1,560 50% off 🔥

Unlock your organisation's potential with our digital transformation consulting. Gain practical insights. We will guide you step-by-step through the start of your digital transformation journey.

Workshop pledge

Our clients tell us how this workshop opened up opportunities they hadn't considered. It gave them the confidence to make informed decisions to unlock technology within their organisation.

By the end of the digital transformation consulting workshop (and follow-up session), you will have:



Clear steps on how you can make a positive difference in your organisation.



A mission statement matched to business objectives and steps required to succeed.



A digital transformation programme including timeline and budget range.



Key stakeholders and gatekeepers on board with your digital transformation vision.

Modules included


Discover what's working well for you and what's holding you back.

Pivot discovery

Discover hidden opportunities and areas where you can pivot.

Mission statement

Craft a mission statement to drive digital transformation in your organisation.

Brand development

Ensure your brand is reflecting your goals and aspirations.

Technology discovery

Explore technology solutions that can help streamline your processes.

Resource planning

Get to the bottom of what you'll need to realise your vision.

People & talent

Establish which expertise you will need to engage to achieve success.

Success planning

Explore areas that could become blockers and plan for them.

ROI calculator

NEW! Calculate your budget in order to achieve a 5× ROI.

Who should apply?

Small and large organisations alike have benefited from the Pivot & Scale™ digital transformation consulting workshop. The size of the organisation doesn't matter, but a clear desire to make big positive changes does.

Strategic people

Anyone who needs wrap around support to align their internal resources with the right web technology providers.

Curious people

Those looking to uncover hidden opportunities, allocate budget effectively, and get to market quickly.

A man enjoys a cup of coffee whilst attending a pivot & scale workshop.

Do I need to prepare anything?

No. If you have a blank slate this is ideal as we take a 'first principles' approach. If you already have ideas on what you need, this is fine too. Our digital transformation consulting team can integrate any existing plans or initiatives into the process. If you have information and plans you'd like to share, please do so ahead of the workshop.

A woman sitting on a black chair holding a board in a conference room with a group of people.

Who should attend?

We always recommend all key stakeholders participate in the workshop. A key stakeholder is someone who has a vested interest in your business' success. This varies by organisation. We can help you identify these people as part of the initial free consultation.

We know time is precious, so if any stakeholder cannot make it for the whole session, we can organise short interview-style slots for those people. Our intention is to uncover the motivations and goals for each key person to ensure success.

What happens after the workshop?

You'll have everything you need to get sign off and buy-in from key stakeholders to make your vision a reality. Pivale will be happy to provide you with a programme for development, indicative costs, and timescales. There is no obligation or expectation that you will use Pivale for your digital transformation following the workshop, but we'd certainly like to explore how we can work together.

Request a callback

We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. At the end of the call, you can decide if the Pivot & Scale™ workshop is right for you.

The call is completely free and without obligation. If you decide not to proceed, that is perfectly fine. Either way, we hope to point you in the right direction so you can explore other ways to achieve your goals.