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Calculate your 5× ROI & don't rely on luck

Barry Fisher, Founder and CEO at Pivale Drupal agency - a man with dark hair, a neat beard, moustache and glasses.

Written by

Barry Fisher

Founder & CEO

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If you’re not aiming big, is it even worth the effort?

Many of our recent clients already know about our 5× ROI goal for increased business from new websites because it’s part of our planning process.

But now it’s time to be bold.

If you’re going to invest in your online presence, you deserve to see an impact on your business. When you bring your ambition, we’ll bring the magic you need to help make it real.

You might be thinking, “That’s some claim.”

You’d be right. But we’re so confident in the process we’ve built that we thought it was about time to tell more people how we achieve the astounding results we do for our clients. The significant return on investment is thanks to the way we plan, execute and track results.

With over 16 years’ skin in the game, we’ve transformed the way our clients websites impact their business’ bottom line, making it easier for them to relax by committing to invest with us. Here’s the lowdown.

The risks of getting it wrong

Digital transformation projects are typically costly. When you’re working with a partner, and things go well, the rewards are high. But if they go badly, it can spell disaster for your reputation and your project budget.

For example, you’ve had a new website built or a digital portal rolled out. Cracks will quickly appear if that’s not integrated with the digital strategy for the rest of your business or your wider digital infrastructure. Three months down the line, customers are unhappy, staff are unproductive, and you’re investing even more money to fix the new problems that didn’t exist before the new solution rolled out.

The way to avoid these risks? Create a strategy with a partner you trust, enact it and track it consistently to ensure you’re getting the ROI they planned for you to get.

How we help you 5× (or more)

Here’s the (not so) big secret. As with every successful project, maximising your ROI starts with a plan. A deep dive into the business challenges you’re experiencing and what your website needs to do for you is the starting point for building an impactful solution.

Next, we identify the cost or efficiency problems in the business and identify where we can add the most value. This might be web development or building a complete software solution. We figure out what needs to change.

Here’s the important bit. We calculate and quantify the risk and potential cost of not addressing those changes, shining a light on what it’s going to cost you if you choose to do nothing instead.

On the flip side, if there are positives of sticking with the systems you’re currently using, we highlight those too.

Finally, we analyse both the expected positives and negatives of the project impact. An old-fashioned “pros and cons” list if you like.

By this point, we have often been able to identify in the region of 5× (or more) ROI for the project. If we haven’t, we try again.

Ultimately, if it transpires we can’t find a way to deliver 5× ROI, it’s likely we aren’t the right fit for your project.

Is 5× ROI actually possible?


We often discover a big problem in our client's tech stack that requires workarounds, duplication or other forms of hassle. By evaluating the business impact of the problem and scoping out potential costs and gains of correcting it, it’s not unusual to achieve 5× ROI.

For example, a £100k investment should have a £500k outcome value (minimum) within 3 years (maximum).

We help you determine what is at stake, what the change will mean, and how many people need to be involved to get buy-in and sign-off. Then, we get to work making it happen.

Here’s an example.

A recent client ran a competition. This was a biggie, with huge prizes up for grabs. If it went wrong, it would be a monumental headache - customer complaints, reputational damage - you get the idea.

However, if it went right, not only would some lucky people win some amazing prizes, but the business would win the 5× return on investment we’d identified. All in, the cost of the campaign was £100k (for the digital legwork plus the campaign prizes). Within two months of being live, our client broke even through additional sales - with four months still left to run.

By giving them the tools to track and measure their cost savings and other key metrics - they could easily see that their 5× ROI was achieved right on schedule.

But that’s not all…

An impressive return on investment challenge is just one reason our clients choose to work with us. Every organisation has different challenges, and as a team, we understand how to create digital solutions that overcome them.

Instead of simply building an online platform or website, we want to help you thrive and utilise the latest digital advances - without having to do the hard work yourself.

That’s why we tackle the big problems head-on that, when solved, have a huge impact on your business.

What’s more, our clients choose us because they value jargon-free expertise that gets the job done and want to build a long-term relationship with our team to keep their business moving forward - fast.

De-risk your next leap in growth, efficiency and more

Are you ready to tackle costly and time-draining digital challenges in your business in exchange for ROI in the region of 5× your investment?

Don't rely on luck! Get in touch to start a conversation with our experts and get you one step closer to where you want to be.

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Barry Fisher, Founder and CEO at Pivale Drupal agency - a man with dark hair, a neat beard, moustache and glasses.

Written by

Barry Fisher

Founder & CEO

Barry is our founder and CEO, responsible for delivering on our mission statement and ensuring return on investment for our clients. Barry oversees the majority of our software projects. Barry is a Business degree graduate of Middlesex University London.

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