Fertilising Africa with Argus Media

The Africa Fertilizer Directory is project to unite the fertiliser industry on the African continent

Argus Media: Africa Fertilizer Directory Website on an Apple iMac, a MacBook, an iPad and an iPhone.

Argus are an independent media organisation with over 700 full time staff. They are headquartered in London and have offices in each of the world's principal commodity centres. Their main activities comprise publishing market reports containing price assessments, market commentary and news, and business intelligence reports that analyse market and industry trends.

The Brief

Requirements for the website included:

  1. Increase industry collaboration

    Allow organisations in the African fertiliser industry to find out about other companies who may be of interest.
  2. Managed content and users

    These organisations needed to be able update their own company information through designated user accounts on the website.
  3. Custom workflows

    Provide Argus administrators a way of seeing which organisations have been left dormant (no updates in a year) so that they can follow up to see if the company is still active.
  4. Data migration

    Import an existing database of contacts as a starting point so the website has information at launch time.
  5. User content approval process

    Have a user approval process to ensure new companies and contacts can be added.
  6. Increase industry engagement

    Provide a gamification element in the form of profile completeness for company profiles to encourage companies to reach the 100% mark.
Argus Media: Africa Fertilizer Directory Website Home page on an Apple MacBook which is sat on a wooden desk. A wallet rests to the right hand side of the MacBook.

Solutions provided

  • We worked with Argus team leaders to work through the user stories and requirements
  • We created a phased delivery of the requirements so stakeholders could get early feedback on the functionality
  • We created a Drupal website that had a custom responsive theme which allows the website to work on all devices
  • We crafted a workflow in the Drupal Content Management System for ease of use for end users and administrators
  • We added geolocation and mapping functions allow people to see companies nearby
  • We created a structured categorisation of content by business and service types to allow various way to filter company listings

The Africa Fertilizer Directory was built with:

Aspire: Custom Software

Build the custom software or application that is right for you. Meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.

Discover Aspire
Argus Media: Africa Fertilizer Directory Website Home page on an Apple MacBook which is sat on a wooden desk.

Go for launch!

Argus Media now has a simple to update, powerful platform which serves the Africa fertiliser market to aid inter-company networking. The platform was created to allow future improvement based on stakeholder feedback.

Barry Fisher - Director

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