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Bringing hard
problems into
sharp focus

with Telaugos Solutions

Telaugos Solutions are a technical consultancy company specialising in the provision of objective evidence to support strategic thinking.
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The problem

Telaugos Solutions were struggling with a lack of flexibility of their website and maximising impact on their audience. The site looked dated, suffered from a lack of responsiveness and visual flair. 

In addition, Telaugos wanted more control over their affiliate page and the ability to upload and categorise affiliate information independently for better presentation and organisation.

The Telaugos Solutions website on three iMacs.

The solution

We overhauled Telaugos Solutions' website by incorporating impactful full-screen splash images across articles, case studies, news, and marketing pages, elevating its visual appeal. Additionally, we empowered Telaugos to upload and categorise supplementary imagery and affiliates independently, providing greater control and flexibility over their digital content.

A powerful Drupal CMS put Telaugos firmly in the driving seat, now able to control their content everywhere across all pages, menus, articles, case studies and more.

The Telaugos Solutions website on an iMac, a MacBook, an iPad and an iPhone.

The outcome

The website's page speed, SEO, and responsiveness improved significantly through our optimization efforts.

Telaugos successfully integrated Google Analytics for the first time. This allowed them to gain valuable insights into website traffic, empowering them to accurately measure success and make informed decisions.

The project was a great success and despite being one of our smaller projects was immensely enjoyable to work on. Telaugos now have a website which they can continue to grow and update, and use to attract new business organically through search engines.


It has been a pleasure to work with Pivale on the implementation of my business website. Their experience and knowledge is first class, and their systematic process makes it easy to communicate. They listened, made constructive suggestions, and were willing to go the second mile in order to get things just right. Now I have a website that allows me to have the same quality of corporate presence as larger companies.

Lawrence Dack - Director at Telaugos Solutions.
— Lawrence Dack, Director, Telaugos Solutions

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