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Connecting a family of brands

RWC case study

RWC (ASX:RWC) is a large multinational manufacturer of water flow and control products and the world's largest for push fit plumbing fittings.
A suite of websites for RWC shown on several different devices.

Multiple websites, teams, brands, and locations

Needing Drupal and digital transformation expertise, RWC wanted to unify its product brand identities from a series of acquisitions. The product brand websites had been created at different times in the company's history. Multiple content management systems, and technology were used, resulting in a high maintenance overhead.

The result was a transformation that lowered maintenance costs and provided far better processes for content management, infrastructure, and security controls. By connecting RWC's websites, brands, teams, and locations back together through our Drupal Multisite solution we helped RWC reconnect with their audience.

Uniting a family of brands

RWC logo John Guest logo. Reliance Valves logo. SharkBite logo.
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Agency collaboration made in heaven

Pivale partnered with Milestone Creative, an award-winning creative and marketing agency, to deliver on an ambitious multi-faceted project to transform RWC's brand strategy and websites.

Milestone partnered with Pivale due to our specialism in Drupal and multisite solutions. This meant we were well positioned to make a lasting impact for RWC. Having already successfully worked together on the redesign of the rwc.com website, both agencies knew each other's strengths and were ready for action.


It has been a fantastic experience working with Pivale on multiple website developments. Their exceptional communication, professionalism, and creativity made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. They collaborated with everyone involved in the global project which resulted in outstanding outcomes that exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a top-notch Drupal agency or other website services, and look forward to working with them again.

John Kerr, Marketing Director at Reliance Worldwide Corporation.
— John Kerr, Marketing Director, Reliance Worldwide Corporation

Less is more

Pivale's multisite approach paved the way for huge gains in productivity, a massive reduction in infrastructure costs, while boosting user engagement, and creating a true family of brands.

80% Reduction in hosting costs

by moving to an enterprise CI/CD platform.

700x Deploy time improvements

by reducing the 5 day manual workflow to 5 minutes automated build time.

50% Boost in developer productivity

for reviewing updates, bug fixes, and applying security updates.

87% Website count reduction

by consolidating 45 separate websites down to 6 domains.

£1.12m Additional sales

from a £120k investment in a competitions platform.

9x Return on investment

from the first competition campaign.


Pivale are truly exceptional, showcasing an unparalleled blend of expertise, dedication, and commitment in their field. They consistently go above and beyond, and give us complete confidence that our websites are the best in the business. We've been collaborating with Pivale for a number of years on a massive global project involving multiple brands which they tackled head-on with enthusiasm, making what could have been a daunting task feel like a breeze.

Kristian Johnson - Digital Marketing Manager at RWC.
— Kristian Johnson, Digital Marketing Manager, RWC

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