Buckingham Palace in London, England.

Cataloguing national treasures

with Royal Collection Trust

Established in 1987, the Royal Collection Trust is a department of the British Royal Household responsible for the largest private art collection in the world.

The Brief

We were contracted to build a new Drupal website to fulfil a variety of functionality for the Royal Collection:


Managed content

A content management system to allow content authors and site administrators to manage a whole host of content over a large site map.


User experience

Ensure the site had a clear and usable navigation to help visitors discover a wealth of information with ease.


Diverse presentation

Provide a variety of page templates so that content administrators can make decisions about the look and feel of their content, whilst ensuring consistency of style and branding throughout the site.

Royal Collection Trust: The Royal Collection Website on an Apple iMac and MacBook.

Solutions provided

  • A fully content-managed website, updated by a range of content administrators
  • Integration with a large library of existing assets such as images
  • A discovery section that showcases tens-of-thousands of articles in the collection
  • A variety of visually-engaging, content-rich landing pages
  • Features such as search, email signup, fully content-managed exhibition and what's on sections and visitor information pages
Royal Collection Trust: The Royal Collection Website on an Apple MacBook with a notepad to the left and a phone and coffee cup to the right.

Go for launch!

The site launched in March 2012 and has been engaging and delighting those curious to find out more about the Royal Collection ever since.

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