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Barry Fisher, Founder and CEO at Pivale - a man with dark hair, a neat beard, moustache and glasses.

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Barry Fisher

Founder & CEO

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As mentioned in our last article, this time we are taking a look at specifically why is possibly one of the best-kept digital secrets that you need to know about!

Marketing is measured on key metrics. And often, website hosting KPIs aren't amongst them. Yet if your website is highly important to your business, maybe it's time to reevaluate.

If you view website hosting as an overhead you have to pay with limited business benefits, you risk setting yourself up for big problems that could cost your business time, money and reputation. And that's not good for business.

Enterprise-grade solutions such as can play a vital role in ensuring your marketing strategy isn't brought to a halt by unexpected downtime, security threats and unreliable hosting.

Your hosting headache - and how it's costing you business

You've invested in a website that supports your brand, has a great user experience and is generating significant revenue for your business. It's open 24/7 and encourages your customers to buy whenever they think of your products. You can't afford downtime on your website.

Downtime means you lose sales. Those people who were ready to buy, wallets out - gone. Probably to a competitor.

If you suffer from a cyber attack thanks to your host and you lose customer data - that's some seriously negative PR you could do without (not to mention the fines).

Your hosting may have been worked well for your business until now, but if you're scaling your business, achieving new levels of traffic and custom, your hosting must be able to deal with the increased demand.

What an enterprise-grade hosting solution can do for you

Advanced hosting solutions such as those provided by are a serious step up for many businesses. You have the keys to your online kingdom which means that you're in the driving seat. You have oversight and control of every element of your digital presence in one, easy-to-use platform.

You have greater opportunity and control to keep your customers' data safe when they shop, while updates are managed for you, eliminating security risks that may have been able to sneak through old software due to a long-lost web developer or agency you no longer work with not keeping on top of new releases.

You can expect downtime to be reduced, and response times improved thanks to more reliable and rugged infrastructure.

And if you need to test new features for your website, you can use advanced roll-out testing without the risk of your site going down or breaking: A premium feature with many hosts, with you can benefit from advanced roll-outs at a surprisingly affordable price.

Of course, you can do all this yourself, or you can work with someone like us and we'll do it for you. And that's the real beauty of - choice. - our recommended provider

In the interests of complete transparency, Pivale are Gold Partners.

We made the decision to go all in with for our clients because we believe it allows you to have your cake and eat it. Once upon a time there once was a school of thought that more expensive meant better when it came to hosting - those days are long gone.

Open, upfront and affordable - there are no gimmicks here, just a great solution to your hosting. gives you the flexibility and control you need to build innovative digital experiences. Retain more customers, reduce hosting stress and keep your business growing.

The pricing is much more affordable than many providers, but the quality of the platform is second to none.

To give you a feel for the savings potential, one of our clients has benefited from an 80% reduction in hosting fees (saving them tens of thousands of pounds) after we moved them to Overall they now have a higher quality hosting solution at an almost incomparably low cost.

How Pivale can help you transition to is an affordable and reliable alternative to building your own hosting solutions (for example, AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean etc), but with many sensible defaults out of the box and without needing to be an expert in server administration to get things up and running. You can spend more time focusing on your application or website requirements rather than maintaining servers. Who doesn't want that? Time is money after all.

If you're an AWS customer, or you're getting your hosting elsewhere, you might already be thinking about switching. We're here to make it happen as quickly and easily as possible.

Our switching service is pain-free and keeps your business operating online at maximum capacity. We also offer training for your team to ensure you're getting the most from your new provider and can handle any small problems should they ever arise.

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Barry Fisher, Founder and CEO at Pivale - a man with dark hair, a neat beard, moustache and glasses.

Written by

Barry Fisher

Founder & CEO

Barry is our founder and CEO, responsible for delivering on our mission statement and ensuring return on investment for our clients. Barry oversees the majority of our software projects. Barry is a Business degree graduate of Middlesex University London.

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