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Green lights and red flags for digital agency collaborative working

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Barry Fisher, Founder and CEO at Pivale Drupal agency - a man with dark hair, a neat beard, moustache and glasses.

Written by

Barry Fisher

Founder & CEO

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When it comes to marketing, branding, digital and creative services, the fact is - that most agencies can’t do it all.

This probably isn’t news to you. But there are a few folks out there who might think they can do it all - and we think they’re best avoided. Here’s why…

Most responsible agencies have working relationships with fellow branding, marketing or creative agencies who have a particular skill set that can knock the socks off their clients when they partner up.

For Pivale, it’s our extensive technical skills and experience that has built our relationships with many creative agencies. When they need support in building a bespoke digital platform, they call us.

And when it comes to two agencies building a collaborative relationship, trust is key.

What you might be nervous about

As an agency owner, if you’re quoting for a project, you want to feel confident you can deliver on your promises. However, if a project has complex technical requirements, you may feel concerned about your ability to deliver that element. For example, your client needs something a little more complex than a straightforward WordPress site. They need a bespoke, future-proofed digital platform that can handle plenty of traffic from across the globe - with maybe some e-commerce, fulfilment and delivery tracking thrown in. If you’re not used to building that kind of complexity, when it comes to pitching, you’ll need a digital delivery partner in mind. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up to fail and risk damaging your credibility with a potentially long-term client.

Of course you could run a quick search online, or use your local network to find a supplier - but can you trust them? What happens if (when) they let you down and ruin your relationship with the client?

Never worked with another agency?

If you’ve never worked in partnership with another agency, you may be unsure what to expect, which could put you off considering this option. Surely it’s better to stay safe in your familiar space and just say no to new opportunities?

After all - won’t another agency be a threat to you? Are they a risk? Might they try to steal your client?

When our partners choose Pivale, we ensure they understand the answer to both of those questions is a categorical, unequivocal - no.

It’s our belief that collaboration breeds better results. We aren’t here to poach your clients, we’re here to expand the capability of each other’s projects and make sure we all win together.

Before you engage with an agency collaboration, it’s important to spot red flags and know who you’re partnering with. Here are some red flags we think it’s wise to be alert to.

  • Is their skillset very similar to your own?
  • Are there gaps in their knowledge which you need to close?
  • Are their prices out of kilter with what they’re delivering?
  • Does any part of their engagement mechanism make you uncomfortable?

In contrast, here’s what we provide for our partners and the green lights you should look out for when choosing your own collaborative partnership.

What do you win?

Added value with expertise

With our extensive use of systems like Platform.sh and Drupal, we build something many others can’t. Bespoke solutions that are reliable and future-proofed without losing the flexibility to improve and update when needed. Oh, and ongoing proactive support is a guarantee.

Your brand is protected

How do you know we won’t say the wrong thing? We work with partners to understand what we can and can’t say and how we communicate with your client. Our team takes time to learn about your brand values and ensure our delivery upholds those values.


The use of case studies and testimonials shows you can trust our word when we say we’ve got the high-level ability needed to help with your project. This isn’t about claiming we could help - it’s about proving how we’re going to help.

5x ROI for your client

Delivering return on investment is one very powerful reason partners choose Pivale. Every organisation has different challenges, but we work with you and your client to understand what’s required to create a plan to overcome them. Instead of simply building a platform or website, we help you, and your client, thrive and utilise the latest digital advances.

When is it time to think about a partner?

Are you about to expand on to bigger projects? Not sure how to deliver on those projects? Taking the first step into a partnership can feel like a big moment. But don’t hold yourself back.

Pivale has over 16 years of experience and brings our focused, technical mindset to every project we’re a part of. As our name suggests, we help businesses to pivot and scale.

Partner with Pivale

Prevail with Pivale (OK - we know that’s a bit cheesy). Solve problems, find and explore new digital opportunities and deliver greater technical expertise for your clients. All by partnering with a digital agency that understands you might feel nervous, but, to paraphrase Aristotle, together we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Get in touch to start a conversation with our experts and let's take the first step on our journey together. Email us at hello@pivale.co.

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Barry Fisher, Founder and CEO at Pivale Drupal agency - a man with dark hair, a neat beard, moustache and glasses.

Written by

Barry Fisher

Founder & CEO

Barry is our founder and CEO, responsible for delivering on our mission statement and ensuring return on investment for our clients. Barry oversees the majority of our software projects. Barry is a Business degree graduate of Middlesex University London.

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